To create and manifest a paradigm for the world we want to live in and the world humanity needs to prepare for alongside deep resonating thinkers and feelers.

To provide a platform for enriching, supportive exchanges and educational opportunities amongst ourselves and reaching to the wider world. We believe this can be achieved in an environment promoting clear communication, individuality, kindness and respect for each other in a setting where nature can thrive fully, teaching and supporting us in the process.

To collectively learn how to reconnect with nature, ourselves and each other, reaching our higher self, following its wisdom, carving our personal life path through deep healing while refining and enriching our creative gifts.

We welcome those from urban communities longing for immersion in a more natural and welcoming environment, those with existing knowledge and passion for the natural way of life and interested in sharing their skills, and anyone willing to share of themselves while nurturing their body, mind and spirit in a space offering safety, warmth and guidance.

Our medium term vision is to acquire a permanent country property with sizeable land that will serve as:

  • A permanent nature sanctuary to understand, protect and promote the well-being of wildlife and all lifeforms
  • An educational project looking at the new ways of living through sustainability, dietary wisdom, food growing, permaculture and eco constructions
  • A creative development centre where individuals can be progressed by honing in on their skills and furthering their artistic potential.
  • A retreat centre offering insight and respite, with workshop and training facilities available to the wider community.
  • A centre of personal development using meditation practice, yoga, dance, co counselling and holistic approach to manifesting our full potential.

mushrooms in a ray of light