Although we are at the embryonic stages of birthing the project in its full glory, we are looking for deeply resonating individuals who would like to be part of the vision in its formative stage.

There are many ways you could get involved and we are keen to meet you:

  • To create meaningful and lasting connections in line with our fully hatched vision
  • To learn from community situations on a smaller scale, to better shape the final version of who we are by understanding our supporters’ deeper needs and dreams.
  • To offer opportunity for immediate development to passionate individuals and prepare for smooth integration as a true community for when we finally acquire our permanent home and land.

Axis Mundi is made up of (and warmly welcomes) individuals from a variety of ethnicity, gender identification, sexuality and spiritual belief and we do not discriminate, nor do we tolerate discrimination against any of these.

You can also support us through your donations here: